Gedaref is landfil for Sudan (Matmoura)

Al-Gadarief is well known for its buried silos especially in its the northernparts. The most famous one is AL-Makk (matmoura) buried silos and PrinceAbd Allah bin Maddah in (year six) famine (1306-1890) and it was used tosupply Alzaki Tama’s army to conquer ALGallabat. Moreover, in supplyingsome tribes during famine. Later, colonial government has built a prison onits debris, which locate nowadays at employees’ neighborhood. Thetraditional buried silos is a hole in the ground contains 50 canvas till 5000ones and dig down but not reaching stone or sand (painted sands) and left toby dried for two weeks. Storage always take place for corn, which harvestedlately when humidity level decreased, and it is stored in derelict afteremptying from canvas. Fatarita corn is always stored.In 1988, it was the starting year of modern Matmoura. Equipment was used indigging it and expanded more in 2005, after a shortage in storage capacityand the Agricultural Bank made a reputation in constructing it. Plastic is usedin covering grounds and modern detections technologies was deployed inquality checks and for dehumidification. The top quantity stored byAgricultural Bank reached 5 million canvas (500k tons) in 2015-2016 season.Buried silos save crops quality for 4 years if it is closed and monitored in idealcondition.

Garner is the storage of corn in open spaces. The pioneer in using garnerswas Prophet Joseph peace be upon him when he left the crops in its spike forseven years. Garner is used because of the easiness of transportation from itto other time at any time, and it is use to dehumidify corn by sunlight beforestoring it in dry warehouses which decrease the vulnerability to decaying.There is a garner in crops market, which is communal for rent for all buyersand peasants. There is a special garner for corporations and banks and everybank has it’s own garner. Most of them built from bricks and roofed by zinc.Majority of these garners are susceptible to afflictions if not supposed tosunlight or not fumigated or covered up. There are famous warehouses forrent per canvas under supervision in excellent manner and it is rarely to mix.Warehouse space is around 3000 m2 to provide a space for trucks tomaneuver.

Al-Gadarief silos. The largest crops storing facility in the cityIt is one of the monuments of the city. It was constructed in 1956 incooperation with the Soviet Union and officially launched in December1967on the hand of the leader Ismail Al-Azhari. It is a towering concrete of60m high. The storage capacity reaches 100,000 tons (2 million canvas of100 kg). the silos contains 4 units, each one have 36 cylinders, 144 cylinderin total, with 36m height and 5m diameter and with storage capacity of 600tons of each cylinder. It is also contains 96 inter-space star-shaped cylindersbetween the large ones and it’s storage capacity reaches 150 tons per each.
Silos also contains 3 bolters with a 100 tons/hour working capacity. There is aautomated filling units, each one contains 2 assembly lines with 7canvas/minute capacity for each. There are two ways for transporting; canvasand derelict. Internal scales were adjusted and modernized. A car-weighting unit, sesamestone separator were added. Purification network fans were changed andlifters were maintained. A system of closed loop fumigation was installed.There is also a re-constructing the roads and constructing new buildings andbuying new forklift and strap lifting machine and maintain the roofs andadding new crop transportation trucks and intensifying workers training.